Steps After Hiring A General Contractor

Before making final payment or sign off go over this checklist

Steps After Hiring A General Contractor

After you Hire a Contractor, the major tasks to do after hiring a contractor are:

  • Keep Records to overcome any problem with your project. Keep intact all project related papers, copies of the contract, change orders, any correspondence, record of payments. Log or journal of all phone calls, conversation and activities.
  • Pay Wisely. Never make final payment or sign an affidavit of final release until you are satisfied. Not only satisfaction of work, you must know all payments to subcontractors, suppliers to protect yourself.
  • Know the limit for final bill. There is a limit in final bill to exceed the estimate unless you have approved.
  • When to withhold payment. In case a problem with your credit card, can hold or defer payments up to the amount of credit.

Use a Sign-off Check-list. Before making final payment or sign off you have to check that:

  • Work meet the standards set in the contract.
  • Have written warranties of material and workmanship.
  • Confirm payments to all subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Site has been cleaned up, excess material, equipments and tools removed.
  • Inspect and approve the completion of work according to set parameters.

Benefits of Hiring General Contractors in Edmonton:

  • Satisfaction and the security of work. A good contractor perform to the best satisfaction of the clients.
  • Convenience and efficiency of work. The work is performed with convenience and efficiency.
  • Efficient use of budget. Flexibility in hiring a contractor and skills of contractor assure efficient use of budget.
  • Saving time and energy. assigning the work to a efficient contractor save your time and energy.
  • Great flexibility, if you feel the contractor is not a good match, you simply don’t hire them again. Hiring a contractor is for convenience and efficiency to save time and money.

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