Wood or steel framing

Wood or Steel Framing- A Task Any Homeowner Can Tackle

Framing can be made out of various materials and the materials used to fabricate the building have a direct effect on the stability of building. Many developers are now choosing to use woods or steels framing as the structural support for their buildings. When building a home you will come across the option of designing and building with wood or steel frame. Although few customers have a preference for wood framing over steel framing if they go by look.  The fashion of wooden houses remained famous for decades. Masses employed to exploit trees and woods as building material for their homes and commercial spaces. Nevertheless, with the passing of time and the growing need of luxuries, the role of steel frame buildings came in style. At present the same quality which was provided by wood is achieved from steel buildings along with many advantages. The expression of steel in the construction field not only provides much convenience, it is an inexpensive answer to make social systems

What to choose Wood or Steel?
Wood and steel framing are typically applied in the state where there is little access to project home builders or the block of land makes building on concrete slab impossible or extremely expensive. With Edmonton wood or steel framing, you are not supposed to retain walls, subsoil drainage or compacted fill. Wood and steel framing are supported by many proactive professional industry bodies.

Depending upon your choice or taste, it is either hand over to you to build with ease by following certain instruction or carpenters can erect the home for you.

Which is more sustainable?
Wood is a sustainable resource. Sustainability is managed by replanting trees after harvesting them, to ensure that trees continue to be a plentiful natural resource. It does not require as much energy to build wooden frames, therefore less greenhouse effect.

Which is more durable?
With wood framing there is always a threat associated that it “Termite”. Now a day they are protected from termite attacks. You can guarantee your house is termite proof by using the correct fabrics, construction methods and by regular inspection.

Edmonton Steel frame houses are made of modern, lightweight, durable steel produced from partially recycled materials. All links are fully welded and treated producing a really strong, termite resistant, reliable and lightweight product.

Termite proof
There is no need to spray the steel with additional chemical treatments, to protect them from pests. Because there is no need to treat steel homes, they are acknowledged worldwide as a healthy choice for asthmatics.

Edmonton steel frames are made from extensively strong and durable light-weight steel. The steel chassis will not distort, warp, shrink or expand over the long time, maintaining their firm, durable construction for many years. You won’t experience wavy roof lines or jamming doors and sticking windows any more with Edmonton steel framing.

Choosing steel homes, gives you flexibility in the blueprint of your home that you might not have with other stuffs.

Now you have to make the decision whether you want to opt for Edmonton wood framing or steel framing.